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November 02, 2021 15 min read

On a sweltering day, few things are as refreshing as a cool frozen drink. With the perfect slushie texture and refreshing chill, frozen drinks are a fun way to hydrate and cool off. Plus, they are often kid-friendly and a festive beverage to serve at parties.

So how do you decide what kind of frozen drinks you should try out? Finding your go-to frozen faves doesn’t have to be tough. Just think about your preferences and be open-minded and creative when combining flavors. You’ll be sure to find some awesome concoctions in no time!

Luckily, there are a ton of different choices when it comes to frozen beverages. Some focus purely on nutrition for a convenient way to sip healthy vitamins and minerals. Others are designed for parties and festivities. And some are simply created as a flavorful way to hydrate and cool off. Check out these frozen drinks that you should try at least once.

Healthy and Nutritious Frozen Beverages to Try Out

Smoothies are a great way to jam pack a ton of nutrients into one neat, refreshing package. And fruit slushies are a sweet and delicious way to get a boost from extra vitamins and minerals. Plus, these options are convenient and often super kid-friendly.

Making smoothies and slushies ahead of time allows for the ultimate convenient breakfast or afternoon snack. Simply make them in large format batches and fill freezable drink bags. Then fill your freezer and grab and go as needed.

Banana and Berry-Based Smoothies

frozen drinks to try one time

Bananas are one of the most popular smoothie bases and for good reason. They create a super creamy texture that both kids and adults love. Plus, they add that tropical-like sweetness for great flavor profiles.

Bananas are also a super healthy fruit that can be one of the most satisfying. Filled with fiber, they help maintain your blood sugar to keep your energy stable throughout the day. Plus, with their muscle-healing potassium, they are great for after a workout. So stock your freezer with these banana-based smoothie ideas and you’ll be ready for anything.

Berries and bananas are the ultimate smoothie power couple. The flavors taste great together and they are both super nutritious. Add a healthy dose of antioxidants to your banana smoothies by tossing in strawberries, blueberries, or any other kind of berry you enjoy.

If you have little ones, keep seeds in mind when selecting your berries. Sometimes larger seeds like those in blackberries don’t get blended completely and can be a deterrent to young palettes.

To make, simply throw equal parts of bananas and berries in the blender and blend until smooth. You might need to add a few ice cubes to achieve your desired texture. Other good ingredients that complement bananas and berries are peanut or almond butter. They will add a little extra flavor as well as some heart-healthy fats to the mix.

Tropical Frozen Smoothie Blends to Try

frozen drinks to taste once

Tropical flavors have the ability to transport you to the islands, even if you’re sipping away in the Midwest. Creating smoothie blends with tropical fruits makes for refreshing recipes. Plus, they are healthy and sure to be loved by all ages.

First, select a tropical base for your smoothie. Pineapple is a good standby while papaya is a fun alternative. Frozen mango is also a convenient choice.

Then, add as many fruits to your smoothie as you would like. The great thing about tropical fruit flavors is that they all seem to complement each other. So, don’t be afraid to add kiwi or dragonfruit to the mix for an unexpected twist.

Tropical fruits are known for being packed with immune-boosting vitamin C. So toss in a hand full of guava and reap the delicious benefits. A little shredded coconut or a scoop of avocado tossed in can add a little heartiness to your recipe. Blend all of your ingredients until smooth and enjoy your little taste of the islands.

Green Smoothies for a Nutritional Powerhouse

frozen drinks to taste one time

It’s no secret that getting little ones to enjoy leafy greens can be a tall order. And eating a salad on the go isn’t exactly the most convenient option. Enter the green smoothie, an awesome way to get the nutritional benefits of leafy greens in a convenient and delicious package.

The trick is to pair your greens with the right fruits. A good rule of thumb is to pair even parts of soft fruits and hard ones. Think half bananas and half pears. Or maybe you go with a combination of mango and apple.

Then, look for more flavor-neutral greens to blend in to avoid the often bitter taste of leafy greens taking over. Spinach and baby kale work well for this. Make sure to blend the greens into your fruit mix very thoroughly for a smooth creation full of vitamins and minerals.

You can add a little extra dose of nutrition to you’re already healthy treat with a scoop or two of extra ingredients. Toss in a handful of chia seeds or hemp seeds for some healthy fat. Or add some coconut oil to make your smoothie more filling.

Try Your Hand at Veggie-Packed Yet Yummy Smoothies

smoothies to try at least once

The right blend of fruits and veggies can give you the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. The trick here is combining sweetness with the right flavors of vegetables. Plus, by pairing nutrients, you’ll get the right combinations for a great start to the morning or energetic afternoon pick me up.

Iron and vitamin C are two of the most important nutrients to combine. Create a smoothie that supports your bodily functions by pairing ingredients high in these two. Tropical fruits like kiwis and beets create a sweet and earthy blend. You can also opt for iron-rich leafy greens and vitamin-C pack citrus fruits for a healthy choice.

Vitamin D is another essential nutrient that many people don’t get enough of. Look for fortified non-dairy milk as the basis for your smoothie. Then pair it with calcium-rich veggies to aid in the absorption of your smoothie’s nutrients for bone-boosting benefits. Add some leafy greens or figs for great sources of calcium that will give you delicious flavor.

Healthy Slushies for a Refreshing Treat

slushies to try at least once

Slushies don’t just have to be reserved for the convenience store or gas station. Create slushies at home for a refreshing and delicious alternative. By using fresh fruit, you can add natural sweetness without all of the added sugar.

Watermelon slushies are a great way to harness the flavor of summer. Simply chop the watermelon into chunks and freeze it on a cookie sheet. Once frozen, throw it in the blender and whip it into the perfect slushie texture. You’ll have a refreshing treat that’s packed with vitamin C and other minerals. Add a little mint or basil for an extra oomph of flavor.

Slushies are super diverse and can be made with a wide variety of fruits. Berries are another popular choice. Add fresh or frozen berries to your blender and add water until smooth. You can add a squeeze of lemon juice or agave nectar for a more dimensional flavor. Then, freeze your mixture and thaw slightly before enjoying.

Creamy slushies can be both rich and refreshing. Use almond milk and orange juice as your base and add frozen fruit to create the perfect slushy texture. Frozen berries are a great choice that’s readily available. Freezing bananas is also a great way to save ones that are ripening too quickly on the counter. Use them to make slushies for a delicious, tropical-inspired treat.

Fun and Frozen Must-Try Cocktails

Frozen cocktails are the perfect addition to your next fete. Whether you are throwing an intimate backyard barbecue or a roaring pool party, frozen drinks are sure to be a hit. Your guests will love cooling off with a slushie cocktail.

Make your frosty adult treats ahead of time so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. Gather all of your ingredients and create large batches in pitchers so guests can help themselves. Or, better yet, portion cocktails into refillable drink pouches and stock a cooler so party goers can self-serve. Once all the prep is done, you can enjoy your party and the company of your guests.

The Quintescentail Margarita

frozen margaritas to try at least once

There are few things that say “poolside fun” like an old-school margarita. With salty tequila, tart lime, and refreshing orange flavor, it’s the perfect warm-weather drink. You can also put your own twist on this classic cocktail by adding your favorite flavors.

To create your margaritas, blend together three parts tequila, two parts triple sec, and one or two parts lime juice, to taste. Then, add ice to reach the desired consistency. If you need a little sweetness, add a squirt or two of agave nectar.

If you want to add a little more of a fruity taste to your margaritas, blend in strawberries or raspberries. Peach and pineapple are also great choices to complement the lime base. Or, get creative and add jalapenos or mango and habanero bitters for a little kick.

Try Boozy Lemonade for a Fun Twist

frozen cocktails to try at least once

Serving lemonade adds the perfect touch of nostalgia to any event. But boozy lemonade makes for a great time! Get creative and make this recipe your own for your own signature drink!

Boozy lemonade is a super simple cocktail to make. Simply grab your favorite can of frozen lemonade concentrate and a big pitcher. Mix the concentrate to the manufacturer’s instructions, replacing one of the cans of water with your alcohol of choice, stir, and freeze in a freezer-friendly container until slushy.

The alcohol you choose to use is totally up to you. Many people prefer vodka. However, you can choose a flavored or infused vodka to put your own twist on this. You can also opt for tequila or whiskey for a little more punch.

Adding fruit is another great way to make this your own. Toss a few lemon and lime slices in after stirring for a colorful treat. Or, add a few handfuls of berries for a touch of added sweetness. The options are endless when creating your very own boozy lemonade.

Frozen Adult Fruit Punch

frozen punches to try at least once

Feel like a kid again but with a grown-up vibe. Frozen adult fruit punch is the perfect way to make a delicious old stand-by more fun. Fortunately, making this can be as easy or as complicated as you would like.

First, you can go the frozen concentrate route. Find your fave brand of fruit punch mix from your childhood. Grab a big container and pour the concentrate in with the recommended amount of water, subbing a third of the amount for your liquor of choice.

Or, you can go gourmet and make your very own concoction. Have fun as you mix frozen cherries, oranges, strawberries, and lemons in a blender until you get the exact flavor that you like. Then, add your favorite liquor in small amounts until it’s the perfect strength cocktail. Freeze until it’s slushie and serve your custom creation to your friends.

Delicious and Refreshing Sangrias to Try

frozen wine to try at least once

A big batch of sangria is the perfect party drink. It’s flexible, well-loved, and super easy to whip up. Freezing this fave bevvie only takes its festiveness to the next level.

Red sangria is a classic and a perfect choice for your next fiesta. Delicious with everything from tacos to queso, it’s sure to be popular among your guests. Toss a bottle of wine and ice in your blender along with a little brandy and orange juice to taste. Keep adding ice and blending until you get the perfect slushie texture. Float a few berries in your mix for a finishing touch.

If you are looking for something a little lighter that’s perfect for seafood or brunch, make your guests a white sangria. Switch out the red for your favorite white wine and blend together with triple sec and your favorite fruits. Peaches, strawberries, or oranges are the perfect refreshing additions.

Minty and Fresh

frozen beverages to try at least once

Fresh and minty flavor isn’t just reserved for toothpaste. It actually adds the perfect zest to a refreshing cocktail. And freezing your minty concoction only takes its cool, clean flavor up a notch.

Are you having a Derby party? Nothing makes you feel like you’re actually at Churchill Downs more than big fancy hats and pastel attire, except for a perfectly crafted mint julep. A frozen julep puts a fun twist on the old classic. Simply use one part mint syrup and one part bourbon and pour into a blender. Add ice and run on the crush setting until perfectly slushie. Top with a fresh mint leaf and delight your Derby guests.

Another May tradition gives you an opportunity for minty goodness. Cinco de Mayo is the perfect opportunity to serve up your new frozen mojito recipe. Skip the muddling and throw a generous handful of mint leaves in the blender with one part simple syrup to four parts rum. Add crushed ice and blend until the consistency is just right, adding squeezes of lime to taste. Garnish with a lime slice and cheers your guests...salud!

Go for Booze at Brunch

frozen brunch drinks to try one time

Brunch is the perfect chance to enjoy a cocktail before noon. Why not make your brunch cocktails even more refreshing and make frozen versions for those balmy summer mornings?

Frozen bloody marys are super simple to make and a ton of fun to make your own. Add your fave bloody mary mix to your blender along with quality vodka. Add a few handfuls of ice and blend until slushie. Then, pour into a glass and top with garnishes. Get creative. Bacon, hard-boiled eggs, and stuffed olives are all crowd favorites.

Plan ahead and wake to frozen mimosas. Fill an ice cube tray with orange juice and freeze overnight. Then, toss your frozen OJ in the blender and add prosecco or champagne. Blend your delicious mixture and serve it topped with orange slices. For the holidays, use cranberry juice instead of the traditional orange for a festive alternative.

Coffee and Tea-Based Frozen Drinks You Need to Try

Mix up your mornings with a cool and frosty caffeinated beverage. Or, add a little coolness to your afternoon pick me up. Whenever you enjoy them, frozen coffee and tea-based drinks are delicious.

These take a little planning ahead if you plan to brew your own coffee or tea as they will need time to chill. However, you can also use your favorite cold brew or store-bought iced tea. Either way, you’ll have a fantastic alternative to your traditional steamy energy booster.

Flavorful Frozen Latte


frozen latte to drink once

A frozen latte can set you back some big bucks at your local coffee shop. So make your own and save some cash while creating a custom drink you’ll love. Brew a few batches of espresso to chill or stock up on a pre-made version. You’ll also need your favorite milk and flavored syrups.

To make, add a few ounces of your espresso and half a cup of milk to your blender. Then, add a few pumps of your favorite syrup and your go-to sweetener. Toss in a few handfuls of ice and blend until smooth and top with whipped cream.

The variations on creating your own frozen lattes are endless. You can use everything from rich whole milk to plant-based alternatives like almond or oat milk. Try different flavors of syrups and create combinations like mocha and hazelnut or caramel and vanilla. Once you create your own signature drink, you can create big batches to whip up for friends and guests.

Try a Green Tea Slushie

frozen tea drinks to check out

Not only is green tea delicious, but it’s also super good for you. It contains protective antioxidants and can even boost your appetite and promote fat loss. So, whipping up a green tea slushie is a good way to get a refreshing and healthy pick me up.

It’s a good idea to find a quality version that can be the star of your drink. Look for fresh tea bags that are fair trade and brew your tea according to the instructions on the package. Then, freeze your tea overnight in ice cube trays or silicone muffin trays. Toss your frozen tea in the blender with a handful of berries and a little sweetener for a quick and delicious treat.

If you are looking for an even more adventurous taste, skip the brewed tea and opt for matcha green tea powder. Use a cup of your favorite milk as a base and add a few cups of ice. Blend and add about a teaspoon of matcha powder and your favorite sweetener. Adjust your ingredients to taste as you blend, then sip on your matcha slushie, bursting with vitamins and nutrients.

Frozen Arnold Palmer

frozen summer drinks to try

A traditional Arnold Palmer is one of the best summer bevvies. With the sweet tang of lemonade and the refreshing taste of iced tea, it’s sure to please your taste buds. Put a twist on this classic by transforming it into a smooth slushie.

This is one of the easiest drinks to throw together if you do a little prep ahead of time. You don’t want to dilute the vivid flavors of lemonade and iced tea with ice or water. So you’ll want to freeze them both overnight in ice cube trays. Then, when you want to enjoy your frozen Arnold Palmer, you just throw an equal number of cubes of each in the blender and whip it up, adding a little unfrozen lemonade to get the right texture!

This is a great drink for personal blenders to make individual serving sizes. You can also add a touch of vodka or bourbon for a boozy version. And adding a little mint or peach juice can infuse extra flavor if you are looking to mix it up a bit.

Chocolatey Mocha Frappe

frozen coffee to check out

Not much goes better with coffee than chocolate. The two flavors go hand in hand to make a rich flavor known as mocha. Plus, they are both super good for your health so what’s not to love?

A mocha frappe is a refreshing way to enjoy this classic on a hot day. It’s also super simple to make. Just brew your coffee ahead of time and freeze it overnight. Once frozen, add a few cubes to your blender and add your favorite milk and a few squirts of chocolate syrup. Blend, stopping to adjust the milk and syrup along the way.

Top your finished product with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. To add a little crunch, you can pulse in some mini chocolate chips or cookies at the end of blending. If you want to create a boozy version, add a shot or two of Bailey’s or your favorite coffee-friendly liqueur.

Must-Make Slushy Sodas and Icy Desserts

Frozen desserts are the best way to end a barbeque. And slushy sodas make the perfect drink for that hot summer day. Whip up some of these sweet treats and you’re sure to feel refreshed as you make your sweet tooth happy.

Try Cola Slushies for Nostalgia

frozen soda to try out

Cola slushies are delicious and have a nostalgic feel. Plus, they are super simple to make. Just freeze half of your cola ahead of time and you’re good to go.

Then, throw one part frozen cola and one part refrigerated cola in your blender. Add ice as needed to get a smooth texture. Then serve and enjoy.

To make a kid-friendly version, just follow the same steps with caffeine-free cola. Want a more adult take? Add a few splashes of whiskey for frozen Jack and Coke. Either way, whip these up and serve them in retro glasses for a fun blast from the past!

Lemon-Lime Soda Coolers

frozen pop to try out

Combining lemon and lime is refreshing enough but blending these citrus flavors into a frozen cooler is a real treat. Plus, soda coolers are super easy to make for a crowd.

For these frosty drinks, you just need two liters of your favorite lemon-lime soda like Sprite or Siera Mist. Pour one carefully into a shallow freezer-safe container and chill the other in the fridge. Then, allow to freeze completely and chill for a few hours.

When ready to blend, break up the frozen soda and place some of the pieces in the blender. Then, pour an equal amount of chilled soda slowly over them. Blend carefully so it doesn’t overflow. Serve, topped with lemon or lime slices or maraschino cherry for a pop of color.

A Must-Try Creamy Milkshake

frozen milkshake to try

A super creamy milkshake is one of the most decadent desserts around. The key here is getting the texture and the flavor just right. By selecting the right ingredients you can create any flavor of milkshake with expert-level creaminess.

The trick to making your milkshake rich and delicious is a base high in fat content. So go with heavy whipping cream or canned coconut milk. Then, use top-quality ice cream in your favorite flavor. Add to your blender and sprinkle in a few pinches of sugar. Blend until smooth and creamy and serve with whipped cream and a cherry on top of course!

The flavor options here are endless! Mix and match ice creams to make your own unique blend. Chocolate and peanut butter are classic while flavors like cheesecake and strawberry make a sweet blend. Or, add a little liquor and get on board with the boozy milkshake trend!

Sweet Sorbet Slushies

freezy slushies to check out

Sorbet is ice creams light and airy relative. That makes sorbet slushies a lighter, yet just as yummy, alternative to milkshakes. These dairy-free treats are fruity, sweet, and perfect for a hot day!

To make these, grab your favorite flavor of sorbet, or a combination from the store. You’ll also want non-flavored sparkling water or one that complements your sorbet. And the best part is, you don’t even need a blender!

Serving these is super simple. Put two or three scoops of your sorbet into glasses. You can use the same flavor or a combination. Raspberry and mango are delicious together and watermelon and strawberry create a sweet duo! Then pour chilled sparkling water over your sorbet slowly to fill the glass. Stir together and the bubbles will turn your sorbet into a sweet, slushie treat!

Serving Your Frozen Drinks

Every good bartender and chef knows that it’s all about the presentation. You don’t want to take all of the time and effort creating amazing frozen drinks to serve them in basic, underwhelming red cups. So, plan your methods of serving ahead to take your drink enjoyment to the next level.

Easily Make Frozen Drinks Ahead

Even the simplest of frozen drink recipes can take time to throw together. The last thing you want to do when you are hosting a party is to be stuck in the kitchen whipping up beverages. Make them ahead of time and guests will be happy to serve themselves while you can mingle freely.

Craft your frozen drinks in large batches the night before your party. Then, fill reusable drink bags with your concoctions. Let guests know that the freezer is stocked and to help themselves. After the party, you can clean the bags and use them again and again.

Keep Drinks Cool and Frosty

Serving frozen drinks on a hot day can lead to a melty mess. Keep them cool by planning ahead and using frosted or insulated drinkware so you and your guests don’t feel the need to rush through a melting beverage.

If you have room, frost your glassware in the freezer so it’s ready to serve your frozen drinks and keep them cool. Or, look for double-wall tumblers that are made to keep drinks cool without condensation. You can also purchase custom koozies that fit your cups and make for an awesome favor for guests to take home.

Must-Try Frozen Beverages

must-try frozen beverages

Frozen drinks are perfect for any time of day and loved by all ages. From a quick morning meal to an afternoon pick-me-up, they are perfect for busy families. They are also an awesome option for party drinks whether you are hosting a kid’s birthday party or a huge backyard blowout.

So grab your blender, your favorite ingredients, and get creative. You’re sure to find your next frozen go-to treat to keep you cool and make your taste buds happy!