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Wholesale Drink Pouches | Buy Drink Bags in Bulk For Your Business


Paradise Pouches offers wholesale drink pouches for a great value to you and your business. Our popular drink pouches give your brand the opportunity to stand out. They also provide you with a unique way to serve drinks and a great branding opportunity for your business. 


Super versatile, Paradise Pouches are ideal for a wide variety of uses. They are perfect for kiddos and adults alike. Plus, they are great for filling with any kind of liquid from smoothies to iced tea.


Our wholesale pouches allow you to get an awesome deal as well. So whether you are purchasing for resale, to supply your restaurant customers, or simply to give away, you’ll get the most bang for your buck. Buy in bulk and save on this fun and useful product!

Paradise Pouches are an innovative, fun, and engaging way to attract customers to your brand.

Forget the boring disposable paper cups and serve drinks to your customers in these fun and unique pouches. We guarantee they will be impressed by the break from the norm. Plus, the pouches are reusable. What’s not to love? 


Your drinks will stand out from the rest with Paradise Pouches. So whether you are serving a spiked lemonade or slushie daiquiri, our pouches can bring a little extra something to your beverage offerings. Who doesn’t enjoy a fun adult-take on the nostalgic juice pouch from their childhood? 


Plus, Paradise Pouches are designed for customers of all ages. Since they are kid-friendly, they are also a perfect way to serve juice or add drinks to a kid’s meal. Unbreakable and sealable, they are an awesome choice for little hands. 

Paradise Pouches give you an eco-friendly option to offer your customers.

Our drink pouches are reusable and easily washable. Your customers can use them again and again. Their sturdy design means they will stand the test of time and remain in great shape through many uses. 


Paradise Pouches are produced with globally renowned safe materials with minimal greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage. This means that you and your customers can know that you can have both great drink containers while keeping Mother Nature in mind.


Plus, they are BPA-free, meaning they won’t leach nasty chemicals into your carefully crafted drinks. This makes our pouches a safe choice for your customers even if they need to be frozen or happen to be left out in the sun. 


When your customers are done with their Paradise Pouch, you can be confident in knowing that they won’t need to be thrown in the landfill. Each pouch is recyclable, saving it from the dreaded trash pile.

Buy drink bags in bulk to make prepping ahead simple and easy.

We know that prepping ahead is a must for every business. With Paradise Pouches, prepping drinks ahead of time is simple and easy. You can stock up drinks so they are ready to grab and go at a moment’s notice. 


Our funnel makes it super easy to fill your pouches with your drink of choice. Then, seal the double zipper to keep any liquid safe and secure. With multiple layers, you can be sure your beverages will stay right in the pouch where you put them. 


Paradise Pouches are also completely freezer-friendly. So whether you want to fill them with a nutritious smoothie or a refreshing margarita, you can just throw them into the freezer until they are ready to be enjoyed. 


This way, your business can make drinks a day or even a week ahead. With their slim shape, your fridge or freezer space won’t be wasted. And their clear design allows you to easily check your drink stash and replenish as necessary. 

Paradise Pouches are a fun and unique way to brand your business.

Your potential customers love swag. They’ll enjoy it even more when it’s a handy item they can use. Our drink pouches give you the opportunity to hand out a fun item that’s unique and builds your business’s brand awareness in a fun way. 


Forget handing out boring travel mugs that will end up stashed in the back of cabinets! Give your audience a useful item that they can enjoy again and again. 


We can print your company’s logo right on the side of your custom-ordered Paradise Pouches. That way, every time your customer goes to fill their pouch or take a swig, they’ll be reminded of the brand that gifted them their new fave drink container. 


We all know that branded items are awesome to build awareness. This works even better when the branded item is fun and eye-catching. When people use your branded drink pouches on the beach or at a party, your logo is sure to get noticed by others. 


Our drink bags offer convenience to both you and your customers.

Paradise Pouches are not only fun, but they are also practical. The thoughtful features of our pouches make them convenient to both you and your customers. 


Not only are our pouches easy to fill, but they are also easy to tote along to wherever your adventures take you. So whether your customers are enjoying your delicious drinks at your business or taking them to go, they will have a convenient, mess-free container they can be confident in.


Storing our reusable pouches is also super convenient. When your shipment arrives, you’ll be excited about the impressively small footprint of our containers. No more struggling to stash bulky cups and lids that take up valuable storage space. 


Paradise Pouches are convenient for customers to store as well. Their flat-folding design means they can be easy to stack in a cabinet or drawer. Plus, they won’t have to worry about the tedious task of matching up lids to cups as they are trying to get out the door. 

Drink bags for your bar or restaurant.

A menu of bagged drinks is a fun addition to any bar or restaurant. Add ice to your serving areas and display your bags full of colorful and unique drinks. Allow guests to self-serve and pay for their selected drinks at the counter. 


Drinks that complement your menu are a perfect way to enhance the food items that you serve. Do you sell elevated barbecue fare? Think boozy lemonade drink pouches for the perfect pairing. Maybe your menu is full of pasta and pizza dishes. Bagged bellinis are a great choice!


Selling bagged drinks at your bar makes it stand out from other hang-out spots. You can even offer special happy hours or an adult juice pouch flavor of the week. And the best part is you won’t have to worry about broken glass. 

Using drink pouches for catering and large events.

So much time and prep go into catering and pulling off an event. Make drink prep easier by mixing them up ahead of time. Paradise Pouches allow you to do just that. That way you can focus on the last-minute items right up to the event. 


Add a touch of playfulness and fun to large formal events with juice pouch beverages. Not only will these unique cocktails give guests a topic of conversation, but they are an awesome way to mix drinks ahead of time and keep the line at the bar to a minimum. 

Selling drink bags can be a big win for your waterfront business! 


Why not offer your own little paradise in a pouch at your beachfront business? Pack your favorite tropical beverage in our barefoot-friendly plastic drink bags. Sell them to customers so they can enjoy the waves and sip away in the sun.


Generally, glass containers are not allowed on the water – especially at the beach.


Sell beverages in Paradise Pouches and allow your customers to enjoy the water!


There’s not much better than a day at the lake. Except for a day at the lake with refreshing beverages. Selling filled drink pouches at your lakefront shop or dockside store can create a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more. 


Coasting down the river with a delicious drink makes for an awesome time. If you own a business that rents rafts or canoes, selling drink pouches to your customers can make their experience even better. You can even allow them to trade in their empty pouches for refills on strategic stops along their route! 


If you are running a water adventure tour, you can make it even more fun with drink pouches. Fishing and boating tours are perfect opportunities for participants to kick back and relax with a cool drink. Offer to stock a cooler on your boat for an extra fee and help your tour stand out! 

Buying bulk drink bags is the perfect solution for schools. 

Our drink pouches reduce messes, spills, and leaks. This makes them the ideal solution for schools and other educational facilities. 


With a kid-friendly design, our pouches are perfect for little hands. Made of durable, break-free, you can eliminate the risk of broken glass or rigid plastic containers. Plus they are easy to use, making them perfect for busy lunch or snack times. 


Lightweight and easy to transport, they are also great for recess and even field trips. The simple refill process makes prep quick and easy. They can fold flat when empty, making them easy to pack up as well.

Paradise Pouches can make a fun and unique favor.

Are you looking for a wedding favor that guests will appreciate? Maybe you need a token of appreciation for birthday party guests. Paradise Pouches are the perfect solution!


Order drink bags for fun favors that guests will actually keep and use well into the future. Every time they refill their pouch, they will look back at your memorable event and appreciate the gracious host that gifted it to them!

With our guarantee, you can be confident that Paradise Pouches will exceed your expectations.

We just know that you will love our pouches. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that you can be confident that our pouches will be a great fit for your needs. If not, let us know. We are committed to stellar customer service and our no-hassle money-back guarantee allows you to try our pouches risk-free.

Don’t wait to take your beverages to the next level - buy your drink bags in bulk today. 

Make a statement with your beverages and serve them in a fun and unique way. Order your first shipment of Paradise Pouches today! We can’t wait to help you take your drinks to the next level! 


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