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Paradise Pouches Drink Bag FAQs

Still not sold on our reusable drink pouches? Check out our FAQs for any other things you might be wondering about! And if you still need more info, contact us and we would be happy to answer any other questions you might have!

What can I fill my Paradise Pouches with?

Anything and everything you want to! Hot drinks, cold drinks, and anything in between. Our pouches are perfect for warm coffee or toasty hot cocoa. Many people love to fill our freezable pouches with smoothies or slushy refreshing mixes. They are also a great way to serve and enjoy your favorite cocktails or mocktails. Think outside the box and get creative when filling your pouches - the possibilities are endless!

Can I reuse my drink pouches?

Yes! Our pouches are made to be used again and again. If you love the earth and saving money as much as we do, you’ll be thrilled about the number of uses you can get out of our triple-layered, heavy-duty drink pouches. Plus they are super easy to clean and fold flat to store, making reusing them a cinch!

Do your pouches come with straws?

They do! With your order, you’ll receive an assortment of bright and colorful straws. And our easy-to-use straw hole makes sipping away super simple!

Are Paradise Pouches expensive?

We are all about quality, but we also love a great value! We have created our pouches to be long-lasting and durable, but also extremely affordable. Plus, we’ll send you straws and a funnel as well so you’ll have everything you need to get started! Be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter for exclusive access to some great discounts and deals too!

What if I don’t love my pouches?

We’re confident that you’ll fall in love with your pouches and even want to order more! However, we don’t want you to be worried about your purchase and miss out on discovering your new fave drink container! So, we offer a no-hassle money-back satisfaction guarantee so you can purchase with confidence.

Are Paradise Pouches hard to fill?

Not at all! Their sturdy design makes them simple to fill and seal. Plus, we’ll send you a handy little funnel that makes filling your pouches even more quick and easy!

How do I store my reusable pouches?

You can store your clean, dry pouches nearly anywhere. The best part is that they lay flat and take up minimal space when empty. So, no more fumbling through overfilled cabinets trying to match up water bottles and lids.

Can my kiddos use your refillable drink bags?

Of course, they can! In fact, Paradise Pouches make an ideal drink container for little ones! They are break-proof and the dual zipper design eliminates messy leaks. And they are made with non-toxic, BPA-free plastic so you know you aren’t exposing your kiddos to any yucky stuff!

How do I dispose of Paradise Pouches?

Our ultimate goal is for you to use your pouches again and again. However, we know sometimes it’s more convenient to dispose of them. That’s why we also made them affordable enough for one-time use. We also made them from recyclable plastic so they aren’t destined for the landfill.

Can I use Paradise Pouches at my business?

Yup! Your customers will love this fun twist on selling and serving drinks! Visit our wholesale page and let us know how many pouches you are needing and we’ll get you set up! All types of businesses from waterfront shops to counter service eateries have found great ways to use our pouches. Plus, they are awesome for to-go and delivery orders!

Can you customize your drink pouch design?

We totally can! Want your unique logo on the side of your drink pouches? For orders of 300 units (30,000 bags) or more, we can create custom pouches just for your brand. These are perfect for restaurants, bars, and festivals or even for any business to hand out as swag!

Where can I use my Paradise Pouches?

Our pouches love adventure! And you can take them nearly anywhere! They are a great alternative to glass containers for the beach or the pool. Or, toss them in a cooler for your next cookout or park visit. They are also lightweight so are perfect for hikes or a day exploring the city. Wherever you want to go, your Paradise Pouches are ready to tag along to quench your thirst!

Ok, I’m in! How does shipping work?

Great news! Not only is our expedited shipping fast, but it’s also free! So you’ll have your order of Paradise Pouches in your hands in no time!

Want more insight into our pouches and how much our customers love them? Check out their reviews for some fun photos, drink ideas, and creative ways to use our pouches! Then, once you have your own, you can share your own beverage adventures with us too!