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Don’t just take our word for it! Check out what our awesome customers have to say about Paradise Pouches!

From parents to partiers, our customers find new and innovative ways to use our pouches every day!

Many of our pouch users swear by our convenient products for smoothies and shakes! They simply prep a big batch for the week in the blender and fill their pouches with the included funnel. Then, they stock their freezer for the week with an easy, quick, and delicious way to get their dose of nutrition on the go.

Other customers tell us that their pouches have been a hit at parties. By premixing cocktails and filling their pouches before their festivities, they have a fun way to serve their favorite drinks. Simply stock your cooler and allow guests to self-serve you can focus on celebrating the occasion.

Our customers often buy Paradise Pouches because they are perfect for their kiddos. Spill-free and resealable, they are perfect for everything from car rides to the playground. Stock your cabinets with these family-friendly drink containers that all members young and old will enjoy using.

Many of our business customers have had awesome feedback and results using our pouches for resale and food service. By filling them with everything from lemonade to frozen cocktails, they have a fun way to serve their signature drinks to their customers. Plus, they are perfect for to-go or delivery orders with our no-mess design.

We love seeing how each of our customers find new and fun ways to use their pouches. From the beach to road trips, they enjoy taking Paradise Pouches along on their adventures. They have also said that they are perfect for camping, tailgating, and anywhere glass isn’t allowed.

Some of the many benefits that our customers rave about are that our pouches are sturdy and easy to fill. They also love the simplicity of cleaning their pouches to use them again and again. Plus, being constructed with BPA-free plastic means that they can rest assured that they are safe and non-toxic.

Have you used Paradise Pouches? We’d love to hear about your experience! Drop us a note below and let us know how you used our pouches in your life!

Still haven’t tried out our fun drink containers? Give it a shot! Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means there is no risk to you to see how great they are! Order your first set today and start enjoying your favorite drinks in a new fun and convenient way!
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My opinion

These bags run a close second to an actual Capri sun. They are amazing and I’m upset that I can’t get my hands on more of them. In all honesty I hope someone reads this because I really need these bags, so if you could send me an email or something on how I can help, that would be cool

Hey there Laking Tyson,

Thank you for the kind words, I grew up drinking Capri-Sun so the compliment is greatly appreciated.

We do read our reviews and you don't have to hope for more Paradise Pouches!
They are currently being packaged at our warehouse and will be available for purchase between the first and second week of August.

Thank you for your honest review.
If you ever have any questions please feel to reach out to us directly and we will respond within 48 hours.

Have a great weekend!

-Paradise Team


They work great for smoothies and shakes. Freeze well also!

These are fantastic!

We did a drink of the day on the beach this year, and these were perfect! We would fill them and stick them in the freezer, then put them in the cooler. Everyone loved them.


The pouches are wonderful! Exactly what they say they are. Freeze well and handy!

A brilliant solution to smoothies and kid’s juice boxes

I bought these for my Plant Paradox smoothies for a road trip across the country and they were absolutely PERFECT. Highly recommend them, especially if you have a business and need to sell to-go alcoholic drinks.

Paradise Pouches™️ | 100 Drink Pouches with Straw Hole. 16oz

Best pouches ever

Wish they were available. Best pouches ever.

Best purchase this summer

These are so fun! Everyone asks about them! So convenient to pack up for the beach or pool.


Just what the adults needed

Great buy

I love these one sealed just put the straw in and no mess. I will continue to purchase.

Perfect pouches

This was perfect for my business

There greattttt!

I love these.. I will definitely be ordering some more.

The best product for home made juice slushees

I love the sturdy pouches for making frozen juice slushees. I would just suggest adding a fill line. I had to adjust the amount of liquid otherwise it would spill out when sealing. Otherwise its a great alternative to bottles.

These have been a life safer for my business during covid. Out frozen drink pouches have been such a huge seller that we are continuing to use them even after we open for seating!

there perfect

i bought these for a party i was throwing and everyone loved them.

Great healthy alternative for yogurt smoothie pouch fans. Very beach friendly.

We mostly use for smoothies for the kids around the house. Our kids were really into the yogurt & smoothies in pouches from yogurt brands and they sometimes cost as much as $1.50 per pouch. We found we could mix up a yogurt and fruit and milk blend in the blender w/ whatever was in the house and let them pick a straw color of these and have one and they went nuts for them. The kid that doesn't even usually eat yogurt was even trying them too because it was like a new toy everyone wants to try.Would be great for a kid's party for juice or smoothies.The straw is a little hard to punch through, harder than a capri sun, but it's not impossible. The straw is not really a deal breaker for me, as I'm mostly using around my house and can cut w/ sharp scissors if needed. I could see teachers not loving the straw situation though if you sent it in a school lunch.Planning to take a bunch of these on vacation to minimize the volume of packing sippy cups for 3 kids. These would be great at an amusement park too.Also planning to use for mom and dad for alcoholic beverages at the beach. It's always a little awkward to want to have some beers or cocktails at the beach w/ kids running around because you are almost wondering if others are judging you for wanting a drink while your kids are playing all around you. This is the perfect solution. We can mix up some margs, freeze them, and pack them w/ the kid smoothies and everyone is happy at the beach.Overall I'd recommend them. I'll probably even buy more once I'm out of these ones although it's a pretty large pack so they do last a long time.

Great item

Love these pouches

Not happy

A lot of them didn't seal

Helps me grab on the go with my busy schedule.

I can make up smoothies for 2 weeks and freeze them an go. Will purchase more.

Great Buy

I like these pouches. Using for my adult drinks.

Exactly what I was looking for!!!

Item was perfect just a little hard to zip. Bags will spill if not carful, and if you don't get them zipped tightly. Item also came in like 4days


To seal it up was the part I didn't care for.

Straw hole

Can't poke straw through hole made for it. Have to use finger or an object like a fork. When using finger, be carful, bag will split and liquid will spill out.