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Buy Now & Save: 100 Reusable Drink Bags With Straws For Just $29


♻️ Heavy-Duty & Reusable Drink Bags to Buy: These High-Quality Beverage Pouches Make It So You Can Finally Stop Relying On Single-Use Bags

We’ve sold 2,000,000+ drink bags. And with hundreds of 5-star reviews and thousands of satisfied customers, we are confident that you’ll love our multi-layered Paradise Pouches. With multiple layers, these sturdy pouches are the ultimate solution for drink storage!

🎉 Buy These Drink Pouches That Can Be Used Again Are A Solution To Smelly Drink Containers, Broken Glass Cups, & Lost Lids

Share tasty adult mixed drinks and fresh cold juice for the kids without having to worry about the mess. Our high-quality double zipper seals make it so your drink stays where it belongs: in the reusable pouch! Folding flat when empty, they are super easy to store, without taking up tons of valuable cabinet space.

😍 Take Advantage Of Our Money-Saving Value Pack That Includes 100 Reusable Drink Bags, 100 Individually Wrapped Straws, 1 Funnel, And FREE Shipping

Why wait? For just $29 you’ll receive reusable durable drink pouches, individually wrapped straws, and a funnel to make your beverage-making effortless.

💰 Buying Reusable Drink Bags is a Money Saver

Stop wasting money on expensive tumblers and overpriced water bottles. Our pouches are cost-efficient and a great value. Costing a fraction of the price of other drink containers, you’ll get your money’s worth as you refill your pouches again and again.

⭐️ Unsure Whether Paradise Pouches Are Right For You? We Have A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – That Way, You Have Nothing To Lose

We’re confident you’ll love our drink pouches that can be used over and over. But if they don’t exceed your expectations, we stand by our no-hassle money-back manufacturer guarantee.

❤️ Conveniently Freeze Smoothies With Our Grab-And-Go Reusable Drink Pouches

Yes, our pouches are freezable – and they make smoothie prep effortless. Prep for the week and freeze individual smoothie pouches so they are always ready to drink. Then, simply grab your nutritious beverage as you head out the door.

🍻 Order Reusable Drink Bags That Are Perfect For To-Go Orders

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or wanting to expand your shop’s offerings these drink pouches are recyclable and perfect for being on the go. Stock your inventory with premade drinks that customers can grab and go with their meals. With our secure sealing technology, our pouches are also perfect to fill for delivery orders!

🚗 On-The-Go Road Trips

We know packing for a road trip can be an overwhelming task. Use our pouches for a simple way to pack drinks for the open road. Fill with everything from electrolyte water to iced tea to keep you hydrated and energized for long drives!

💙 Use Paradise Pouches to Bring Attention to Your Brand

Our pouches are a fantastic way to bring attention to your brand. When ordering wholesale, you have the option to brand your pouches with your unique logo. Then, hand them out to customers, use them as swag as events, and build brand awareness like never before.

🧒 Our Reusable Drink Pouches are Made For Customers of All Ages

Young and old, our pouches are a hit with our customers of all ages. Easy to use, and breakproof, they are ideal for little hands. Fill with your kiddo’s favorite drink for a fun way to keep them hydrated without the mess.

🏫 Order Reusable Drink Bags for Schools and Daycare Facilities

Say goodbye to impossible to open drink containers and wasteful bottled water. Our drink pouches are the perfect solution for both school and child care environments. Breakproof and easy to clean, they can be used again and again. Plus, kids will get a kick out of their fun pouches and finish their drinks to the last drop!

🌳 Ideal for Adventures in the Great Outdoors

Whether you are setting off on a long hike or just headed on a quick trip to the local park, grab a few drink pouches to quench your thirst! With their leak-proof design, they are ideal for your outdoor adventures. Plus, they fold flat when empty so can be easily stored in your bag when you’re done drinking.

🍹 Buy Refillable Drink Bags to Bring Something Special to Your Next Cookout or Cocktail Party

Fill drink bags with your signature drink to impress guests at your next cookout or cocktail party. Our bags are the perfect way to prep ahead...no more pausing your convo to mix drinks or refill a pitcher. Simply fill your drink bags ahead of the event, stock a cooler, and enjoy the company of your guests!

💃 Order Reusable Drink Bags for Your Next Event

Avoid long bar lines or waiting for the drink tray to pass and fill drink bags for your next big event. Whether you are a caterer or DIY event host, you can take advantage of the convenience that make-ahead drink bags offer. Fill them with a selection of cocktails or mocktails and encourage guests to enjoy! Plus, you won’t have to worry about dangerous spills or broken glass on the dance floor!

🌊 Buy Drink Bags for Your Waterfront Business

Own a bait shop or boat rental business? Maybe you run the local marina. Filled drink pouches are perfect offerings for customers looking for a break from boating all day. Selling refreshing beverages is a great way to boost your revenue and stand out from other waterfront businesses. And what better way to enjoy a drink on the water than in a break-proof pouch?

⛵ Make Drink Pouches the Signature Drink On Your Boat

Whether you own your own boat or operate a boat tour, making drink pouches your signature drink is a fun touch. Fill your pouches with your fave beverage and stock a cooler for a day on the water. Then, once onshore, clean your reusable pouches and prep them for another great day on the lake!

🎁 Purchase Reusable Drink Bags for a Unique Gift Idea

Drink pouches make a fun and unique gift idea. Buy a set for your favorite host to fill for their next event or gift them to your child’s teacher to kick off the school year. Know a friend that has everything? Make a batch of their favorite cocktail and surprise them for a fun birthday gift idea.

🏆 Awesome for Sporting Events and Games

Drink pouches are a great choice for games and sporting events. Whether you are participating or watching from the sidelines, drink bags are an awesome way to sip your fave beverage in between the action. Buy a set for your kiddo’s soccer team or your rec softball league and refill for each game!

🌎 Designed with the Planet in Mind

Our pouches are not only great for your pocketbook, but they are also awesome for the Earth too! They are created using minimal greenhouse gas emissions and low energy manufacturing practices. Plus, with our globally renowned safe materials, you’ll know that you’re getting a non-toxic product that makes the planet happy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Laking Tyson
My opinion

These bags run a close second to an actual Capri sun. They are amazing and I’m upset that I can’t get my hands on more of them. In all honesty I hope someone reads this because I really need these bags, so if you could send me an email or something on how I can help, that would be cool

Hey there Laking Tyson,

Thank you for the kind words, I grew up drinking Capri-Sun so the compliment is greatly appreciated.

We do read our reviews and you don't have to hope for more Paradise Pouches!
They are currently being packaged at our warehouse and will be available for purchase between the first and second week of August.

Thank you for your honest review.
If you ever have any questions please feel to reach out to us directly and we will respond within 48 hours.

Have a great weekend!

-Paradise Team

Angela angelaprohaska@gmail.com

They work great for smoothies and shakes. Freeze well also!

Jamie Carmosino
These are fantastic!

We did a drink of the day on the beach this year, and these were perfect! We would fill them and stick them in the freezer, then put them in the cooler. Everyone loved them.

Shanda Brown

The pouches are wonderful! Exactly what they say they are. Freeze well and handy!

Amish Patel

Great stuff